Bubba Ray Dudley — BASHES ‘Exorcism: Live’ … Host Unhappily Responds

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WWE Superstar Bubba Ray Dudley got into a heated war of words Sunday morning with the host of “Exorcism: Live!” — after he referred to the TV special as “dogsh*t,” and called the guy a fraud.

Dudley took to Twitter last night to complain about “Exorcism: Live!” … saying he hopes South Park does a parody of the Destination America special.

The show’s host Chip Coffey responded Sunday morning, however … saying, “Yep, a snarky comment about me & coming from THIS guy really hurt my feelings. .”

Bubba’s girlfriend Velvet Sky eventually got in on the angry Twitter session as well — and the show’s host fired back saying, “I am so honored to be bashed by such a ‘classy broad’ like you. xoxoxo.”

Coffey tweeted about wrestling fans bashing him afterward and Dudley replied, “Be careful . Those “Rasslin” fans can be vicious. ps-Just heard from Roddy Piper, he said you’re a fraud.”

Game. Set. Match.

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