Bruce Prichard Shares His Thoughts on Different Belt Designs in WWE

bruce prichard wwe tag team championship belts 24/7 championship united states title

Executive Director Bruce Prichard shared his thoughts about various WWE belt designs at the moment on the latest episode of his podcast.

This week’s edition of “Something to Wrestle” features Prichard answering questions submitted from fans – one of which asking for his least favorite belt of all-time.

As far as concept-wise, Bruce said he didn’t like the six-man tag team championships that were created for the Freebirds and Von Erichs back in the day.

Design-wise, however, Prichard admitted that he isn’t a fan of the current tag belts in WWE.

“I’d probably have to say the tag team championship belts that are now in the WWE,” he said when asked which design he dislikes the most. “Hate the design. Really hated the copper/penny look.”

Bruce also said he thinks the new United States title looks much better than the one it replaced, though he believes some additional blue paint at the top would’ve helped make it pop more, and that he loves the design of the 24/7 Championship.

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