Bruce Prichard to Diddy — I’m the ORIGINAL Brother Love, Check Out My Rap Skills (VIDEO)

brother love, diddy, bruce prichard

Rapper Diddy has announced he’s changing his name to Brother Love — however, the wrestling personality synonymous with the name for decades has something to say, errr … rap about it.

Prichard took to Facebook this morning and posted a video in which he starts by questioning the man formerly known as Puff Daddy’s reasoning for jacking his famous name.

Bruce elaborated, “Maybe it’s because he’s lost all originality. Maybe it’s because he’s irrelevant. Maybe it’s because he just wants people to know who the hell he is and hope that he can capitalize off some of the fame that I created way back when!”

The Something to Wrestle With host went on to say that he can do what Puff Daddy does and attempted to prove it by rapping along to the song “It’s All About the Benjamins.”

He then finished the video by using his own written lyrics to “rap” over “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

Watch and enjoy. The video is as hilarious as it sounds.