Steve Austin’s Raw Reunion Toast Spikes Orders of Broken Skull IPA

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s toast to Raw during the reunion special this week caused a spike in orders of his Broken Skull IPA. 

El Segundo Brewing — who makes Broken Skull IPA — wrote on Facebook saying they’ve recently received “hundreds, if not thousands, of inquiries” for where the drink can be purchased.

Broken Skull IPA is currently only available in Southern California and sometimes Portland, Oregon. However, the company is working on distribution plans to “reach the masses.”

The owner of El Segundo Brewing spoke with The Full Pint about the spike in sales and this is what he had to say about how Raw Reunion played a part:

“We were planning on switching to 16 oz. cans of Broken Skull IPA by the end of the year. We didn’t have much lead time for Steve’s toast on RAW Reunion, so we had to scramble to get him enough beer for the show. Obviously after this exposure, interest has gone crazy for this beer.”

“We just signed up with Craft Brewers Guild about a month ago. As you know, they have a pretty far reach, especially on the East Coast. While nothing is in concrete yet, the logical next move would be to put Broken Skull IPA into the CBG/Sheehan network back East. We will definitely be scaling up production on this beer as are orders have already increased since this wonderful exposure.”

Watch Stone Cold’s toast from this week’s Raw below.