Brodie Lee Says No More Twitch for The Dark Order, Sinbad Joins Group Via Cameo

brodie lee dark order twitch cameo third party affiliates

As expected, the latest episode of Being The Elite features The Dark Order poking fun at WWE’s recent crackdown on Superstars using Twitch, Cameo and more.

The segment begins with Mr. Brodie Lee storming into the locker room looking for Colt Cabana. He then scolds Evil Uno for being on Twitch after their loss at All Out.

“Twitch is dead,” he screamed. “No more Twitch! No more third-party affiliates! You are detrimental to my company!”

John Silver and Alex Reynolds entered the room afterward with excitement saying they had finally recruited someone into the Dark Order. They then played a Cameo video from Sinbad saying he wants to join the group.

Watch Brodie’s reaction to the recruitment below.