Brock Lesnar Re-Entered USADA Testing Pool to Keep Options Open When WWE Contract Expires

brock lesnar usada testing pool options open wrestlemania 34 contract

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned that rumors of Brock Lesnar re-entering the USADA testing pool for MMA are true … however, it’s not because he’s planning a fight at Madison Square Garden this year.

Sources tell us Brock’s contract with WWE expires not long after WrestleMania 34 next year and he’s already made it clear to backstage officials that he currently doesn’t intend to re-sign.

We’re told the reason Lesnar has re-entered the testing pool is so that when his contract is up, he can make the right decision about his next career move … should he want to return to MMA.

According to’s Sean Ross Sapp, Lesnar has to re-enter the testing pool and fulfill the rest of his suspension before he’s allowed to fight in UFC again.

With all that being said, WWE could always make him a big offer to keep him from doing so.

UPDATE: A UFC official told MMA Fighting that Brock is not back in the pool yet … however, our sources indicate that if he’s not officially back in at this point, it’s in the process of happening.