WATCH: Brock Lesnar Reappears in UFC, Shoves Daniel Cormier After Getting Called Out

brock lesnar ufc 226 daniel cormier wwe

Looks like Brock Lesnar will soon be fighting in the octagon again, as the WWE Universal Champion got physical with Daniel Cormier at UFC 226 after getting called out.

Following his Heavyweight title win on Saturday, Cormier got on the microphone and said he wants to fight Lesnar — who sat in the crowd for the main event. 

Brock quickly popped into the ring and shoved the new champion, then the two fighters were pulled away from each other. After some trash talk from Cormier, the WWE star got on the microphone and cut an expletive filled promo that ended with him saying, “D.C. … I’m coming you for, motherf*cker!”

Watch the video below. 

UPDATE: While speaking with the media after the event, Dana White revealed Brock has spent the past week re-entering the USADA testing pool and it will be six months before the fight can happen.