Brock Lesnar – Reveals UFC 200 Opponent, Says He Immediately Regretted Retiring (VIDEO)

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Brock Lesnar will face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 … and The Beast says he decided to return because he didn’t wanna live with a lifetime of regret.

The ex-UFC World Heavyweight Champion addressed his upcoming match this morning in an ESPN interview saying, “I couldn’t live with that decision [to not return] … I have to do this … I felt like I was cheated out of my career in UFC [due to diverticulitis].”

As we previously reported, WWE issued a statement assuring that Lesnar is still under contract and this is only a one-off opportunity. He’ll return to the squared circle at SummerSlam on August 21st.

The 38 year-old responded to this by saying, “I’m a cross-over athlete. Both companies have faith in Brock Lesnar to allow him to step back in the octagon.”

Can Lesnar eat, sleep, conquer, and repeat in both UFC and WWE? Time will tell.