Brock Lesnar — Gets Real Flirty … During ESPN Prank (VIDEO)

Brock Lesnar ESPN prank

Brock Lesnar¬†has no game … a fact proven by ESPN today in a video released of the former WWE Champ¬†pranking their employees — including one lady who turns him down miserably.

Lesnar was working ESPN’s security gate for the prank — to promote Sportscenter’s upcoming SummerSlam coverage — and the highlight of the segment was Brock trying to score the digits of one lady driving into work.

The Beast also searches the trunk of one driver and warns a car full of people to watch their language.

Lesnar was also interviewed by SportsCenter later in the day … and when asked who he thought was a better promoter — Vince McMahon or Dana White — the heavyweight wrestler said he believes VKM is the victor.

Considering Brock is usually silent, this video is extremely entertaining.