WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Enters Himself Into 2020 Royal Rumble

brock lesnar enters royal rumble number one wwe raw

In a surprising turn of events, Brock Lesnar has entered himself into the 2020 Royal Rumble … even though he’s already WWE Champion.

The first Raw of the year kicked off with Lesnar and Heyman making their way to the ring. 

Brock’s advocate said he wanted to begin 2020 making history and wondered who could step into the ring with Lesnar for the title at Royal Rumble. He then talked about how not a single member of the Raw, SmackDown or NXT roster is man enough to step up to the challenge. 

Because of this, Heyman explained that anyone who wants to face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble will have the opportunity to do so because “The Beast” was entering at number one.

This is obviously confusing, seeing as how the winner of the Royal Rumble gets a title shot at WrestleMania. It was not explained how this could affect that should he win. 

Watch the announcement below.

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