Britt Baker Playfully Blames JR For Her Ill-Fated Babyface Run

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Britt Baker has shared some thoughts on AEW’s attempts to get her over as a babyface at the dawn of her tenure with the company.

Britt was chatting to Jason Agnew on the latest episode of Sunday Night’s Main Event when she playfully asserted that JR’s constant announce desk references to her second career as a dentist probably didn’t do her any favors.

“I think because I’m probably not a babyface deep down,” Britt said. “It was just a lot of demons at once and being a dentist and professional wrestler is super inspiring and I have two Plan A careers, but not everybody has that so not everybody wants to hear that every second of the day. I blame [Jim Ross]. With full-blown respect,” she joked. “He really screwed me because he said on every single friggin’ episode of Dynamite that I was a dentist 100 times to the point that it wasn’t cool anymore. It certainly wasn’t my fault, so it’s got to be JR’s!”

As you may recall, when Baker’s AEW career began, the company initially wanted her to be a good guy. Fortunately, plans were quickly changed which gave us the incredibly entertaining “Role Modle” Britt Baker we have today.

(H/T Fightful for the quote)