Britt Baker on Talk is Jericho: “We Did Not Steal the ‘Role Model’ from Bayley”

britt baker aew bayley role model wwe talk is jericho interview

Britt Baker may have started calling herself a “role model” in AEW not long after Bayley began doing the same in WWE, but Baker claims it was simply coincidental.

Speaking on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho, Baker explained:

“While we’re on the topic of that, no, we did not steal the ‘Role Model’ from Bayley because that’s like a daily thing and I know we’ve talked about it too, how the inspiration came from you, from Chris Jericho for the ‘Role Model’ gimmick. I’m not… I don’t wanna say I don’t know totally what’s going on with RAW and SmackDown because I try to stay in touch with it but at the same time, I’m a dentist and a professional wrestler. I don’t know every single storyline or [what’s] going on each week. So, it wasn’t until I actually said the words ‘Role Model’ on TV and then I got the Bayley army coming at me. ‘You’re stealing her gimmick’ [like] I even knew she was calling herself that too. Granted, totally different uses of the words, totally different gimmicks as we call it. But I just kinda wanted to set the record straight that no, we didn’t steal that from anybody. Well I stole it from you [Chris Jericho], not from her.”

Jericho responded saying Bayley probably stole it from him as well, since she and Sasha Banks watch a lot of the work he and Eddie Guerrero did, and that he probably stole it from someone too.

“They’re great, They’re absolutely great. I love them. I think they’re super entertaining, but it’s just completely, totally different than my character and what I’m portraying,” Baker added.

Listen to the full interview below.

(H/T Andrew Thompson at POST Wrestling)