Davey Boy Smith Jr. — The Long, But Worth It Road … To Owning Dad’s Name

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Former WWE star Harry Smith has finally acquired the trademark to wrestle using the moniker his dad made famous — telling Pro Wrestling Sheet the road to owning the name “British Bulldog” has been long, but worth it.

Smith — now known as the “British BulldogDavey Boy Smith Jr. — says when he learned nobody owned the trademark and WWE had dropped its right to the name, he talked it out with family and they decided to begin the process of snatching it up.

The 30 year-old wrestler tells us things took quite awhile to get finalized … but he’s proud to finally have the name back in his family’s possession. Smith adds, “Certainly, this has also given me boost and excitement, and is making me want to work harder and train harder to make the name proud. ”

Once his family owned the name again, Harry says he discussed using it himself with both his mother and sister. They loved the idea, so he informed the company he works for — Japan’s Pro Wrestling NOAH — and they gave him the go-ahead.

The name was already debuted at Korakuen Hall as well, he tagged with Lance Archer and Takashi Iizuka to defeat Muhammed Yone, Maybach Taniguchi and Katsuhiko Nakajima.

Best part, Smith plans to use an old British Bulldogs theme for his singles matches.

Check it out below.