Brie Bella on Daniel Bryan Working During Coronavirus Pandemic, ‘It Makes Me Really Nervous’

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Brie Bella addressed her concerns for Daniel Bryan continuing to work during the coronavirus pandemic on the latest episode of the Bella Twins podcast.

While speaking about the COVID-19 outbreak on the show, the sisters first revealed their Hall of Fame induction wasn’t their only engagement cancelled in the wake of what is happening.

“We had to cancel a bunch of stuff that we were working on,” Brie said. “We had a live podcast tour that we were putting together and a book tour. And, something that really tore our hearts out is Hall of Fame got cancelled. We were like, ‘oh my gosh. The year we get inducted in it gets cancelled!'”

The twins went on to talk about how they feel terrible for all the fans who had booked trips to Orlando for the weekend since everyone looks forward to it every year. Brie and Nikki also say they’ve heard the rumors about the Hall of Fame ceremony being pushed to SummerSlam, but claim they haven’t been told anything official at this time.

Brie Bella then changed her focus to husband Daniel Bryan continuing to work WWE shows while all of this is going in the world. 

“I have to say, my husband is still working and he’s in Orlando right now – and granted he’s working, he has a job – but it makes me really nervous,” Brie explained. “My husband has an autoimmune disease, he also fought asthma really bad when he was young. He was always sick when he was a kid and I’ll admit … I lost sleep last night. I was king of like, ‘ugh.’ I’m grateful my husband is still employed, but at the same time, I’m really scared that he’s just out there. I just pray so much for him that he stays healthy and all that, but it’s like this weird tug-of-war.”

Nikki then goes on to explain how what Daniel is doing is more concerning than people doing essential business, because he has to travel and come into contact with so many people.

“And I feel bad because he’s over there and when he comes home, we’re gonna have him be put up in a hotel and our Naturopath, Dr. Jane, he’s gonna kind of work with Bryan to see if we see symptoms before he comes home to Bird and I. That could be weeks, and when he left yesterday or the day before, I was just like, ‘It could be three weeks until I see you’ and it’s just sad but thank goodness for technology, FaceTime and all that.”

As we previously reported, WWE is pre-taping WrestleMania 36 this week because of the stay at home orders that are being put in place across the country.

Listen to the full episode below.

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