Brian Cage Gives Injury Update Following Post-Rebellion Hospitalization (AUDIO)

brian cage impact wrestling injured back interview

New Impact World champ Brian Cage was hospitalized after winning the belt at Rebellion, and this morning he gave an interview with an update on his condition.

Impact tweeted after Rebellion went off-the-air last night saying Brian Cage had been rushed to the emergency room. Cage apparently injured his back when Johnny Impact hit him with a Spanish Fly from the ramp to the floor.

“The Machine” followed it up with a photo from the hospital using the caption:

Not how I wanted or ever imagined this incredible night would end. I’ve chased this moment and have dreamt about this my entire life. And to have this be the outcome, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t break my heart.

Cage spoke with Busted Open on Monday and said he instantly felt the pain shooting down his leg after taking the move to the floor, which made him fear back surgery would be needed. The wrestler then talked about trying to work through it to finish the match.

Cage says he isn’t likely to miss too much time away from the ring — because the doctor thinks he just has severe inflammation and bone bruising — but it could be a fracture, albeit not a major one. 

Listen to the interview clip below.