Brian Cage Disappointed Injury Has Caused Inactive Impact Title Reign

brian cage disappointed impact title reign inactive injury

Impact champ Brian Cage says he’s disappointed an injury has caused him to have an inactive title reign, and now he’s in Colombia trying to fix the problem.

Cage opened up about his issues via Instagram, writing: 

“I know many might be upset with my inactive title reign. Trust me, no one is more disappointed than me. Right when I reach the top of the iceberg I’m dealt with nothing but set back after set back due to injury. Everytime I try to push through, I get another set back. This is not the champion I wanted to be. I wanted to be a fighting champion, not a once in a while attraction you’d see else where. And I’ve done everything possible to heal and recover, and in a timely manner. And that’s why I’m in Colombia seeking the world’s best stem cell therapy from [Bio Excelletator]. I’m not gonna stop and to quote another machine, “I’ll be back.”

The 35-year-old wrestler won the Impact World Championship back in April. Cage injured his back during the match when Johnny Impact hit him with a Spanish Fly from the ramp to the floor. He’s only defended the title one time since then. 

WWE star Rey Mysterio is also getting treatment this week from the same company in Colombia. 

Check out photos of the two wrestlers in Colombia below. 

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