Bret Hart — I’m Happy Hulk’s Racism Was Exposed (VIDEO)

hulk hogan bret hart racism

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has no problem with Hulk Hogan‘s n-word filled rant being uncovered … because the Hitman says there’s no room for racists in wrestling.

During a Periscope session for TSN in Canada, Hart was asked if he thinks Hulk will ever return to the WWE — and Bret didn’t pull any punches with his response — saying, “Let’s hope not!”

Hart goes on to say he’s glad Hogan was busted … not because he heard the wrestler spout off racial remarks in the past — but Bret claims the use of the n-word in locker rooms was used too frequently in his heyday, and it’s always been offensive.

Bret adds, “Times have changed and you have to answer for that stuff. He’s answering for it.”

The Excellence of Execution clearly has an axe to grind with Hogan though … he finished his answer by saying, “He’s probably glad that Roddy Piper passed away … cause it took all the edge off all that.”