Bret Hart Fires Back at Eric Bischoff Over Comments Made on 83 Weeks Podcast (VIDEO)

bret hart eric bischoff 83 weeks podcast interview video

Bret Hart was recently the topic of discussion on Eric Bischoff‘s podcast 83 Weeks and “The Hitman” is now firing back, calling Bischoff “maybe the single stupidest idiot” in wrestling history.

“Eric Bischoff is an idiot, total complete idiot,” Hart told Talk Sport in response to the ex-WCW prez saying he brought nothing to the table creatively during his run with the company. “Maybe the single stupidest idiot that ever got into wrestling.”

“A guy that never came through on anything he ever said, he had zero ideas for wrestling,” the legendary wrestler continued. “I’ve heard him say that I came there and I was a broken man. That I didn’t have it in the heart anymore. That I broke my heart with wrestling. That’s such horsesh*t. Absolutely an insult to me. It makes me so mad I’m glad he’s not around me.”

While it’s not seen in the video published by The Pro Wrestling Show, Hart also told them: “Don’t get me talking about Eric Bischoff. I’ll take my coat off and come out of retirement!”

Watch the scathing response below.

6 Comments on "Bret Hart Fires Back at Eric Bischoff Over Comments Made on 83 Weeks Podcast (VIDEO)"

  1. Nice. I love Bret. Bischoff’s a punk.

    • #WOKEN Lou DiFigliano | June 8, 2018 at 5:03 pm | Reply

      I like Easy E. Yeah, they really missed the boat with Bret… But, Bret also didn’t do much to stand out in WCW. Their shows were full of colorful characters… And, Bret was just kinda this guy in a coat…

      Also E would kick Bret’s ass.

  2. Bret cuttin’ ah promo…🐓🏁

  3. Bischoff had one “idea” that he stole from Japan.
    He was very successful with it, but that’s all he had.
    They had the single biggest angle is wrestling history with Bret/Vince and they completely blew it.
    Bret’s right, Bischoff’s and idiot.

  4. As much as I don’t like Bischoff, he did make changes to wrestling that we still see today.

  5. Get a haircut, Bret. You’re 61 years old, for God’s sake!

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