Bret Hart Attacked By Fan During Hall Of Fame Induction Speech (VIDEO)

bret hart video attacked hall of fame tackled

Bret Hart’s 2019 Hall Of Fame induction speech came to an abrupt stop on Saturday after someone from the crowd tried to tackle the wrestling legend.

Bret — who was being inducted as one half of the Hart Foundation alongside the late Jim Neidhart — was in the middle of his speech when the attacker rushed him from behind. 

The broadcast briefly cut to black, before returning to shots of confused audience members.

Eventually the action returned to the ring, where Bret was regaining his composure. Drake Maverick approached the microphone and told the crowd to ignore the attacker.

Bret then resumed his speech and continued as if nothing had happened.

Watch the video of what aired below, as well as footage from in the arena.

UPDATE: According to AP News, the man was arrested after the incident. He has not been named yet.