Breezango Hopes for More In-Ring Opportunity: We’re Not Content Being Just “Comedy Guys”

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While Breezango certainly love being featured in prominent backstage segments, the tag team says they’re aiming for more as in-ring competitors now that they’ve been drafted to Raw.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango were guests on the Gorilla Position podcast and talked about their current spot in the WWE landscape, saying they’re hopeful the switch to RAW means more time showcasing their wrestling skills.

“We’re definitely not content kind of just being the comedy guys,” Breeze said. “Do we want to keep that? Of course, because that’s why people start liking us in the first place. But I really don’t think you’ve seen all that we can do.”

The pair says they love the comedy aspect of their role but hope for more of a mix moving forward. Both hope their athleticism and work ethic keeps them from being put in the “comedy-only” category.

“It’s about sticking around long enough and hopefully have that opportunity to build that body of work over the years,” Fandango added.

The tag team points to talents like Edge and Christian who were consistent performers and eventually found their footing in high-profile roles. They hope to follow in their footsteps.

“We have the balance,” Breeze said in regards to charisma and in-ring work. “We need more opportunity.”

Listen to the full Breezango conversation by clicking here.  (This part begins around 18:45)