Bray Wyatt Introduces a New “Face” to the Firefly Fun House (VIDEOS)

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“The Fiend” has a new face in the Firefly Fun House after SmackDown, but it’s not quite what fans were expecting. 

Wyatt was shown in three separate Fun House packages during tonight’s show, the first of which flashed for a brief moment to show “The Fiend” holding a custom Universal title belt. 

The new design has Wyatt’s mask stretched over the gold.

During the second video package, Bray and Huskus the Pig Boy did a rap rendition of “The Muscle Man Dance,” with the new custom title shown once more at the end. 

And lastly, at the end of the show, Daniel Bryan agreed to another title shot against Wyatt. Bray appeared on-screen at this point talking about how Daniel helped build the Fun House.

Wyatt also reminded everyone of his promise to introduce a new face to his Firefly Fun House and said he’s a man of his word. “The Fiend” hit the ring shortly after and pulled Daniel underneath it. He then began pulling Bryan’s beard off of his face as the show came to a close.

FYI – The Fiend’s new belt was made in conjunction with Tom Savini Studios and will be available for pre-order on WWE Shop starting tomorrow. 

Watch the final two segments below.


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