WATCH: Bray Wyatt Returns in Weird ‘Firefly Fun House’ Vignette

bray wyatt firefly fun house video vignette

Those weird vignettes hyping the return of Bray Wyatt finally took a big turn this week on Raw after “The Eater of Worlds” returned in a children’s show setting. 

The segment began with Wyatt walking onto a Mister Rogers-like TV set asking, “did you miss me?” He then explained that this is his “special place” and all his fireflies can feel safe there. 

Wyatt introduced the characters shown in the dark videos over the past few weeks as “Mercy the Buzzard” and The Witch (who’s first name was hard to understand). 

“I used to be a very bad man,” he explained. “But trust me, I have been barbarically punished for all of my wrongdoings. And that part of me is dead now!” After saying this, he used a chainsaw to cut a cardboard standee of himself in half

The vignette did feature one moment which seemed to tease a new version of the evil Bray Wyatt.

Watch the whole thing below.