Braun Strowman Presents Honorary WWE Contract to Make-a-Wish Kid

braun strowman make a wish kid honorary contract raw wwe

WWE’s latest “signing” may not have an indie background, but he is a 6-year-old Make-a-Wish kid — and these photos of Braun Strowman presenting him with an honorary contract are adorable.

The pictures were shared on WWE’s Community website with the caption:

Braun Strowman granted a wish for Chad, age 6, before Raw in San Jose, Calif. Chad wished for a contract to become a WWE Superstar. The youngster received an honorary WWE contract from Strowman, and Chad adopted the WWE Superstar name “Chad the Wish Warrior” before going on a backstage tour the SAP Center and enjoying Monday Night Raw live.

CLICK HERE to see the gallery of photos. 

Congrats to Chad the Wish Warrior! Hopefully he got a good downside guarantee.