Braun Strowman Confirms He’s Getting Surgery, Says It’s ‘Just a Minor Speed Bump’

braun strowman confirms injury surgery

“The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman has just confirmed he’ll be out of action due to an upcoming surgical procedure  … but the wrestler insists it’s just a minor speed bump in his career.

Strowman posted the update on Instagram and his caption said, “This surgery is just a minor speed bump I will return bigger stronger faster and even more dangerous than ever mark my words I’m the definition of unstoppable!!!” (His run on sentence. Not ours)

Braun also wrote, “I will return to finish what I’ve started and that’s carving my name in history as the most destructive thing WWE has ever seen.”

As we first reported, the 33-year-old wrestler will be gone four to eight weeks to fix his elbow.