WATCH: Brandon Cutler Gets Emotional After Being Offered TWO AEW Contracts

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Brandon Cutler is now an official AEW employee both behind the scenes and in front of it — and the video of him being offered a deal will most certainly hit you in the feels. 

The latest episode of Being the Elite begins with Nick and Matt Jackson explaining how they’re going to surprise Cutler with a contract while he records what he thinks is a voiceover.

“The three of us have seen Brandon work his ass off the last year and a half, two years on the independent scene,” Nick said. “He’s never asked for a favor, never asked for anything.”

“He works harder than anybody I’ve ever met. He was out of the business for 7 years and he’s back now. If anybody deserves a break, it’s him,” Matt added before Nick mentions Brandon has been struggling financially.

Brandon Cutler then arrives and begins to record the voiceover, which leads into him finding out he’s being offered two contracts. He then begins to cry before calling his wife to deliver the good news. 

FYI — Cutler’s official title is wrestler/Executive Content Producer. 

Watch the video below and grab a tissue beforehand (just in case).