Brandi Rhodes Confirms She’s Done With The Nightmare Collective (AUDIO)

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The Nightmare Collective was not well-received by AEW fans, and now Brandi Rhodes has confirmed she’s no longer involved with the faction.

Brandi called into Wrestling Observer Live on Monday and talked in detail about the group.

The AEW Chief Brand Officer explained the idea was originally supposed to be her managing Awesome Kong and that Kong wanted to change her look/vibe, as well cut off her opponents hair. 

Unfortunately, Brandi says she noticed Kong was not “physically feeling great.” Rhodes also noticed she and the fans were not feeling the concept because they didn’t have the time to explain it.

“I think the big misconception is AEW made changes,” she added. “Not at all. I did. 100 percent. Because if I’m gonna do something I want to be happy with it and I was not happy with it. I wasn’t happy with me in it, I wasn’t happy with other people – as far as how they were being perceived and portrayed.”

Brandi says this was why she started the therapy sessions videos, which she was doing on her own, and the last in the series was meant to give that some closure once she came out as “what people perceive as normal Brandi” during Cody’s lashings segment.

“So in the most recent video where you see me burning my clothes that gives us some closure there,” she continued. “But what it doesn’t do is it doesn’t tell us anything about Mel or Luther who are very much here! So that’s something interesting for people to look at as what happens next there. That definitely doesn’t mean it’s dead because I’m not there. It just means that I personally didn’t see myself as an asset to that situation, I wanted to do something fun and creative to kind of give some storytelling to that – that I think was really necessary – and I’m good with it now. I hope fans are good with it now. And I hope whatever goes on forward from that, they know that this is something that’s an open creative thing.” 

Brandi also says people in AEW were encouraging her to continue on with The Nightmare Collective, but Rhodes reiterated that she didn’t want to because she wasn’t feeling it. 

The full interview can be heard for free HERE.