WATCH: Bowling for Soup Made a Song/Music Video About Alexa Bliss

alexa bliss wwe music video bowling for soup

Alexa Bliss stars in the new music video from Bowling for Soup in which the band sings all about her.

The song is called, you guessed it, “Alexa Bliss” and the video begins with two young boys (as well as the band) puling a Weird Science-like move by creating a real-version of her using a computer.

Alexa then spends the day hanging out with the two boys playing on the trampoline, shooting pool, playing uno and of course watching a wrestling match.

The chorus for the song is as follows: 

(HEY!) Why can’t every girl be more like Alexa Bliss?

(HEY!) How can a chick on TV make me feel like this?

She’s got a finishing move called Twisted Bliss

And it’s like my heart is caught in a sleeper hold


Watch the full music video below.