Booker T Stars In New Bad Bunny Music Video

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny just dropped a new music video for his song “Booker T” which heavily features a WWE legend of the same name.

The song is taken from Bad Bunny’s 2020 album El Último Tour Del Mundo, and it contains nostalgic references to pop culture phenomenon like Pokemon, Street Fighter and five time WCW Champion Booker T.

“Soy un rey, campeón, Booker T,” Bunny raps during the track. The line translates to, “I’m a king, champion, Booker T.”

Later in the song, Booker T can be heard yelling his famous catchphrase, “can you dig it, sucka!”

In the video, the WWE Hall of Famer stands still in the center of room. He’s wearing sunglasses, his arms are folded and he looks like an ultimate badass. At the end of the video, he busts out a few dance moves and looks infinitely cooler than most other 55-year-old men.

Check out the video below.