WATCH: Booker T Gets Hands On During Movie Trivia Schmoedown Event

booker t movie trivia schmoedown

Booker T was the special guest during a recent Movie Trivia Schmoedown event … and he got hands on trying to keep the peace between two opponents. 

It all went down during Schmoedown Houston Live before a match between Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai in which Booker accompanied Ghai to the ring. 

When Ghai’s opponent tried to have his manager stand ringside for the match, however, the recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee sent the guy to the back.

He also stopped that same guy from getting blasted with a chair later on. 

For those unfamiliar, Movie Trivia Schmoedown combines the theatrics of wrestling with trivia.

Check out the clip below, or watch the FULL trivia battle by CLICKING HERE.