Booker T Discusses Return to the Ring on Collider Live

booker t collider live interview return to the ring

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T returned to the ring over the weekend for his Reality of Wrestling promotion and today he talked about his decision to do so on Collider Live.

During the interview, Booker explained that he wanted to step into the ring again to wrestle his student Rex Andrews to see if the guy has what it takes to advance to the next level.

“I want people to see what kind of talent we’ve got in Reality of Wrestling,” Booker explained. “If it’s just a moment to put eyes on us, then check it out and see exactly what you like about Reality of Wrestling. And what you don’t like about us, let us know. We’re in it for the fans.”

Booker’s match will be available to watch this weekend on his promotion’s website.

Watch the interview below.