Booker T Hits Back At Critics of Harlem Heat and Torrie Wilson WWE Hall of Fame Inductions (AUDIO)

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Booker T has responded to critics who don’t believe Harlem Heat and Torrie Wilson are worthy of  WWE Hall of Fame inductions …  and he’s pretty pissed.

Booker made the comments on his new ESPN radio show in Houston and talked about how Torrie Wilson is worthy of a spot in the Hall Of Fame because she paid her dues.

“That’s what this thing is about,” Booker explained. “And the — what’s his name? — the Dave Meltzers. I can’t even remember the guy’s name. He doesn’t understand that kinda stuff. And I hate even giving him a plug on my show because that’s what kind of dirtbag he is.”

Booker then began talking about why Harlem Heat — his tag team in WCW with brother Stevie Ray — deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame too.

“My brother and I, we paved the way for so many other young African-American wrestlers that watched us and said ‘man if Booker T and Stevie Ray can do it, we can do it too’,” he said.

Adding, “We talk about how there’s not that many black wrestlers in this business, it’s because they didn’t get a chance to see a whole lot of them in there actually doing it. “that’s why my brother and I — us getting that nod — of course, yeah, we deserve it because we paved the way, not just for so many black wrestlers like Street Profits, but so many young white kids as well. We represented for everyone!”

Listen to Booker’s response below.