WATCH: Bobby Lashley Returns to WWE

bobby lashley return wwe video

Bobby Lashley made his return to WWE on the “Raw After Mania” and made one thing clear … he doesn’t walk with Elias.

Lashley — who recently left Impact Wrestling — interrupted an Elias music session Monday night, then walked to the ring and hit the wrestler with two moves before soaking in the roar of the crowd.

For those who maybe missed it, Bobby’s debut was slightly spoiled before the show when his Titantron graphics were shown on a TV at the arena earlier in the day.

Watch the video of his debut below.

3 Comments on "WATCH: Bobby Lashley Returns to WWE"

  1. Yeah, I am going to miss Bobby.

  2. Lousy debut – He (Bobby) should have debuted at the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale at Wrestlemania (the winner getting the stipulation that he can face anyone who is a current champ for the belt) and then gone on to beat the winner of the Roman Reigns-Brock Lesnar match (can you imagine the commotion if Roman won the match, the crowd booed him and then Lashley’s music hit? It would’ve been awesome!) – and voila! New Champ that will actually make the belt relevant and generate interest in the title series – plus Lashleys speaking skills have improved in Impact so he won’t need a manager this time around!

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