Bobby Heenan — Twitter Account IS A FAKE … Wife Trying to Get it Taken Down

bobby heenan fake twitter account wwe manager the brain

Some people are pieces of sh*t — case in point, the jackass who fooled the internet this week by pretending to be WWE Hall of Fame manager Bobby Heenan.

Twitter rejoiced this week after an account that appeared to be “The Brain” was started and verified by what many believed to be the account of his wife, Cynthia Heenan.

Turns out both accounts are fake.  Yes, for some strange reason a person impersonated an elderly woman on Twitter for months. And they did such a good job, faux-Bobby even got a blue check mark.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Cynthia this morning who said it’s “very sad” someone would do this.

She also says they’re working to have both pages taken down.

Humanoids … do your duty and report this jerk, ASAP.