Bo Dallas Believes Lizard People and Giants May Live Inside the Center of the Earth (AUDIO)

bo dallas lizard people talk is jericho giants hollow earth theory

Miztourage member Bo Dallas is known for being a bo-liever … and apparently that includes some strange conspiracy theories.

Bo was on Talk is Jericho this week to discuss these theories and delved into quite a few — but his particular favorite involved hollow earth and a secret reptilian race.

Dallas said, “Nobody’s drilled farther than 12 miles into the Earth’s surface, so the theory that our earth’s center is filled with molten lava, there’s nothing that backs that …”

Bo then went deeper into his theory on the middle-of-the-earth dwelling race of reptilian people … explaining “The reptilian people are the higher class of people who kind of run the world. And you can look it up online or wherever you wanna look, but there’s family trees of how it’s connected.”

He also goes on about a race of giants and says they may live inside the center of the earth with the reptilian people, but concedes that his brother Bray Wyatt knows more about that.

Listen to the full episode below … which includes Dallas’ full theories on reptilian people, hollow earth and JFK. Plus, Jericho’s adamant denial of the moon landing — despite meeting Buzz Aldrin.