Billy Corgan — Demands Info on Offer From WWE … In Unsealed TNA Lawsuit Documents

billy corgan tna lawsuit documents impact money

Pro Wrestling Sheet has obtained a large chunk of documents pertaining to Billy Corgan‘s lawsuit against TNA Wrestling — and it appears as though he had a big problem with the company entertaining a buyout offer from WWE.

According to court documents … Billy wants TNA to admit they have defaulted on a loan they were supposed to pay him back in June on, which would allow Corgan more control over the company. This includes being able to fire the top brass and replace them with his own staff.

The documents also claim that he informed Dixie of the default a few days before Bound For Glory.

As reported by PWInsider, Corgan wants the company to admit that they can’t pay their debts. Carter and Impact Ventures, however, have both filed responses saying they’re not insolvent.  No additional documents were given to support their claims and Billy is asking the court to make them prove it.

The Smashing Pumpkins singer also wants TNA to turn over “all documents sent or received from WWE or any of its representatives from January 1, 2016 to present.” This includes emails, letters, correspondence, invoices and “all documents relating to or referencing any negotiations between you and WWE regarding WWE’s potential acquisition of you or any of your assets.

Another interesting note is that Corgan wants to be informed of the location of TNA’s tape library.

For now, the court says TNA is not allowed to sell anything until the matter is sorted out.

Stay tuned.

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