Billy Corgan — Agrees to Settlement With TNA

settlement billy corgan tna wrestling lawsuit

TNA Wrestling is no longer in debt to Billy Corgan … the Smashing Pumpkins frontman released a statement Monday saying he’s agreed to a settlement with the company.

Corgan says, “I’m pleased that an agreement is now in place that allows wrestling operations to continue, for my interest from the start was to provide support, be it material or creative, to such a great roster and crew.”

As we previously reported, Corgan was removed as TNA President after losing his fight to obtain ownership. Shortly afterward, he released a statement saying he still hadn’t been re-paid.

Billy adds, “And as I plan on continuing in the business side of pro wrestling, I look forward to seeing where Anthem’s leadership takes the company in 2017, and wish them the best.”

Looks like Brother Corgan has officially been deleted from TNA.