Billy Corgan — I Want Full Control of TNA, Dixie Lied About WWE! (NEW COURT DOCS)

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TNA President Billy Corgan wants full control over the company and claims Dixie Carter lied to him about her sale discussions with WWE … this according to the newly unsealed complaint.

Pro Wrestling Sheet obtained the documents which allege that Billy financially bailed TNA out of shutting down multiple times and during the last instance he made some demands.

The document states, “Impact Ventures and Mrs. Salinas (Dixie) also entered into an equity pledge agreement with plaintiff whereby Mrs. Salinas pledged 100% of her equity interest in Impact Ventures to plaintiff as security for Impact Ventures’ performance of it’s obligations.”

According to Billy’s lawyers, Dixie denied that she had any discussions with WWE — but when push came to shove, she told the entire locker room a different story during a company-wide meeting.

He also claims he was left in the dark about Fight Network’s recent funding … adding, “This recent conduct is consistent with the way that Mrs. Salinas and the other managers have dealt with plaintiff since the inception of his involvement with Impact Ventures. They have failed to keep plaintiff apprised of matters of great significance to the company; they have routinely misled plaintiff with information necessary to discharge his duties as President to manage the day-to-day operations of the business; and they have regularly interfered with, subverted, or ignored plaintiffs authority to manage the affairs of the company.”

Corgan also wants TNA to pay him compensatory damages for not keeping their end of the bargain. The docs explain, “As a direct and proximate result of these breaches of contract, plaintiff has been damaged in an amount to be proven at trial.”

Billy’s lawyer also included a copy of multiple emails which led to Corgan’s filing and they show company officials being unresponsive — including Dixie Carter.  He claims she merely sent him an email saying said she’d get in touch with him the following week to “discuss my role, duties and responsibilities” with the company.

Read the emails below.