Big Show Series Filming on Legendary Soundstage for ‘Cheers’ and ‘Frasier’

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The studio where “Cheers” and “Frasier” both filmed for over a decade now has a new group of people occupying the space — The Big Show and his fictional family.

Big Show spoke about his new Netflix series on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show.

The series is called “The Big Show Show” and the WWE star says he’s been in Los Angeles working on the series since July. The premise focuses on Show living with his fictional wife as he navigates being a retired pro wrestler with three daughters.

According to Show … the series has already shot three episodes at the Paramount Lot on Stage 25, where Cheers filmed from 1982-1993 and Frasier filmed from 1993-2004. The Lucy Show and Bosom Buddies also filmed on Stage 25.

Show says the series was first pitched to him two years ago during contract negotiations for his most recent WWE deal, and that he’d like to do more acting in the future, but the wrestler also stressed that he’s not done in the ring. 

In fact, Big Show says his Netflix series will likely premiere on the platform around WrestleMania 36 and he’d like to appear in a match at the event to promote it. 

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