Former WWE Star Big Cass Opens Up About Facing Depression and Anxiety

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Big Cass aka CaZXL has opened up in a new interview about his struggle with depression and anxiety.

The 32-year-old wrestler was interviewed on DDP Yoga’s channel and begins the video talking about how he wasn’t well mentally during his WWE run. 

“TVs were the worst for me because of anxiety,” Cass explained. “I’d always had it, and then it kinda ramped up after the debut. And you don’t really tell anybody. You kinda hide it deep down, which is the worst thing you could do.”

Cass then talked about how he had no medication to help him cope with his issues, or someone he could talk with about it, so he self-medicated using alcohol. This lead to a moment where he wished death upon himself. 

The next day he woke up and went to the arena for a Raw match against Enzo Amore, which is ultimately where he tore his ACL.

“I was just a wreck, man. A complete and utter wreck. I didn’t know who to look to,” he added. “I don’t know how I’m alive today. The amount that I was drinking was ridiculous. The food that I was putting in my body was ridiculous. No physical activity. Chain smoking cigarettes.”

Images were then shown of his home covered in wine bottles and food. 

Cass then admits WWE had every right to release him at the time.

Cass also addressed having a seizure at a House of Hardcore show and revealed he hadn’t slept for two days prior. He says this was a wakeup call for him though and it felt like a message from God telling him to turn his life around.

The former WWE star then immediately began living with someone who offered to help him get sober, as well as out of depression.

The video ends with Cass urging anyone going through a similar struggle to know they’re not weak. They just need to get assistance through the proper channels.

Watch the full video below.