Big Cass Talks About Alcohol and Mental Health Issues, Says He Has Big Plans for the Future

big cass alcohol mental health issues big plans

Ex-WWE star Big Cass aka CaZXL says the last time people saw him publicly he was dealing with alcohol and mental health issues, but now he’s in the best shape of his life and has big plans.

Following an impromptu match over the weekend against Jon Moxley at a Northeast Wrestling event in New Jersey, CaZXL got brutally honest while discussing his loss.

The 31-year-old wrestler stated:

“I did not sign up to fight Jon Moxley. He’s fresh off a 5-day a week schedule with WWE, he’s on top of his game, he just made waves at AEW’s Double of Nothing. The guy is at the top of his game, he’s at the top of the world, he’s got all the momentum in the world he’s gonna ride. Of course he is gonna beat me. The last time people saw me I was fat, I was drunk, and I was out of shape, I was on the floor going to the hospital because I had a seizure. My life was falling apart, mental heath issues, I was an alcoholic, all that. Six months later, I’m 300-f*cking pounds, I’m a tank. I’m shredded. I look amazing, I’m in the best shape of my life. Nothing’s gonna stop me, I’ll tell you that. Fighting Jon Moxley, of course he’s going to get the win, kudos to him.”

“I’m man, I’ll admit that I lost. But I’ll tell you this, in a year Big Cass — or CaZXL, or wherever I end up, whatever names being used — will be the biggest name in professional wrestling, or sports entertainment. Whatever you want to call it. Tonight was just the beginning.”

Cass was released from WWE in June 2018. As we first reported, the wrestler upset backstage officials by going against a directive from Vince McMahon during a segment involving a little person. His alcohol issues also led to multiple incidents on a European tour that landed him in hot water.

In April of this year, Cass and his former WWE tag team partner Enzo Amore made an appearance at ROH’s G1 Supercard event in a worked shoot angle which never panned out into anything more. 

Watch CaZXL’s promo below.