Becky Lynch Says She’s Pitched Women’s Tag Titles to WWE Brass (VIDEO)

becky lynch womens tag team championship titles wwe

Becky Lynch says she’s unsuccessfully pitched an idea to WWE officials for a women’s tag team championship that could travel between brands — even NXT

Becky laid out the concept to Lilian Garcia, who was moderating a Friday panel at Ace Comic Con in Seattle. Garcia said it was a great idea and asked Becky if she’s mentioned it to WWE officials.

“Been pitching it for a year — maybe two,” the Irish Lasskicker responded.

Becky explained due to the number of women on the roster, there wouldn’t be enough competitors to make the titles viable on a single brand. She noted allowing the champs to travel between RAW, Smackdown and NXT would set the stage for a larger range of matches and possibilities.

Adding, “I think that would get people excited to watch any of the brands, because you wouldn’t know when people would be showing up on either RAW or Smackdown.”

Watch Becky’s comments in the video below.