Becky Lynch Shares Ultrasound Photo to Commemorate Seth Rollins’ Birthday

becky lynch seth rollins birthday ultrasound image baby child pregnant

Becky Lynch wrote a lovely birthday message to fiancé Seth Rollins on Instagram today, but in the process gave us all a present as well … the first photo of their baby!

“The Man” shared a series of pics to honor Rollins’ 34th birthday, culminating in an ultrasound image of their yet-to-be-born child.

The message said: “This person right here is my favorite person in the world. I thought I was doing fairly well in life before, but then you came along and made me feel like the luckiest (and happiest) human in the world. I love you and can’t wait to start this next crazy chapter with you.”

Lynch announced her pregnancy on the May 11th edition of Raw. She’s due in December.

Check out the photo below.