Becky Lynch Women’s Title Rematch at Royal Rumble Announced on Main Event

becky lynch asuka royal rumble

WWE announced a big title match for Royal Rumble next month between Asuka and Becky Lynch … but not on Raw, SmackDown or even their website — they did it on Main Event! 

The latest episode of the Hulu show aired a recap of Naomi vs. Asuka from SmackDown Live this week, followed by Scott Stanford announcing Becky would get a rematch at Royal Rumble.

This would seem to lessen the odds of an appearance from “The Man” in the women’s Rumble, which could complicate any potential build towards a match against Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35. That’s not to say it’s never been done in the past though by previous title contenders. 

For those who’ve maybe missed it, both Becky and Ronda have gone on record saying they’d like to headline WM35 in a match against each other. 

Keep your fingers crossed.