Sounds Like Becky Lynch Has Ronda Rousey in Her Sights Next

becky lynch ronda rousey wwe evolution survivor series

Becky Lynch says her win at Evolution is a warning to “every other girl on every roster” — and it sounds like Ronda Rousey might be her next target.

For those who missed it, Becky defeated Charlotte Flair in a Last Woman Standing match at Evolution in what some people are calling a contender for match of the year in WWE.

Lynch was interviewed after the show and said, “I think that that match, that performance, was a warning to every other girl on every roster that I am ‘The Man,’ and that I am the champ, and that I’m gonna do whatever it takes to stay there.”

In case you don’t remember, Survivor Series ’17 featured multiple Raw champion vs. SD champion matches. The 2018 edition of the event is set to take place on November 18. 

As further evidence that we might be getting Becky vs. Ronda at the event … Lynch replied to a WWE tweet tonight referring to Ronda as “The Baddest Champ on the Planet” by simply stating, “nope.”

Watch her post-match comments below.