Becky Lynch Cuts Courtside Promo on Ronda Rousey During Warriors Game (VIDEO)

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You know it’s WrestleMania season when WWE Superstars are cutting promos on their rivals during sporting events … which is exactly what Becky Lynch did last night.

Becky was interviewed by NBC Sports reporter Kerith Burke during a Warriors game and said, “I started wrestling when I was 15 and my goal has been to main event WrestleMania since then.”

“The Man” was then asked if she had anything to say to Ronda Rousey and, of course, she was more than happy to oblige.

“Ronda, ya little weirdo! Ya can’t hack it! Get ya jacket because I’m gonna chase ya out of the WWE,” Lynch yelled down the camera. “You’ve no business being there. You’ve held that title hostage for nearly a year and I’m taking it back at MetLife Stadium at WrestleMania!”

Check out Becky’s courtside promo below.