Becky Lynch Bloodied Up Leading SmackDown’s Invasion of Raw (VIDEO)

becky lynch bloody raw wwe survivor series

“The Man” Becky Lynch lead an invasion on Raw this week, but got bloodied up in the process.

The ending to Raw this week showed Becky Lynch “invade” Raw to attack Ronda Rousey backstage. She then made her way to the ring while the women’s Survivor Series team stood inside, but it was only distraction that allowed her fellow SD Live wrestlers to attack from behind.

A brawl broke out between the two sides and Becky’s nose appeared to be busted open moments after getting physical with Nia Jax. 

Lynch didn’t let that stop her, however, as she attacked Ronda Rousey with a chair after the Raw Women’s champ ran to the ring for revenge. Becky then left the arena as the crowd went wild.

Watch how it all went down below.