NXT Women’s Champ Bayley — Defeats Dudes Wearing Lego Man Costume

bayley nxt lego man costume halloween

Everything is awesome during Halloween, especially when NXT Women’s Champion Bayley wins a costume-themed Royal Rumble dressed as the Lego man.

A ton of your favorite NXT Superstars dressed in costume for the Halloween Rumble at the MLK Recreation Center Friday in Gainesville, Florida … and the final competitor was a Lego person — whose identity was a mystery.

It soon became obvious Bayley was under the mask though … after she hit Wesley Blake with the Belly-to-Bayley and launched him over the top rope to win the match.

Other outfits included Aiden English as Kevin Owens, Wesley Blake as a Florida State Seminoles cheerleader and Elias Sampson as a mustard bottle — which the crowd loved.

Rich Swann also made his NXT debut at the event dressed as a hippy — and according to MasonsRingsideView, so did Biff Busick … but wearing a hood.

What a tease.

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  1. I’m just glad to hear Ben has already realcped the members, and Screeching Weasel will be back shortly. Can’t wait to see you guys in LA, if you ever make it this far west again.

  2. The good news is that for a baby, ice cream is both solid food AND milk! So cha cha cha, give her more ice cream and cookies. I’m pschyed with you guys that she’s so physical and smart. Reminds me of my own, who’s now the Talking Queen of Toddler Daycare at 22 months.

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