Bayley Superfan Wins Wrestling Championship (VIDEO)

The Bayley super fan best known for busting into tears when Sasha Banks snatched the bow out of her hair during an NXT event can now call herself a wrestling champion at 11-years-old.

Izzy defeated Effy Gibbes this past weekend to win the Punk Pro Wrestling Internet Championship. The tween had apparently been feuding with Gibbs on Twitter. And what do you do when you’re having problems with an 11-year-old? You fight them, naturally.

The “childhood dream” came true for Izzy after she followed a crotch chop with a stunner to defeat her opponent in a handicap match alongside Leva Bates. Fortunately, she didn’t celebrate the win by dousing herself with beer — because she’s only a child.

After the match, Izzy cut a promo saying, “whatever age you are, whoever you are, or whoever you love, wrestling is for everyone.” Izzy and Effy then embraced while the fans in attendance cheered.

If you feel like you need video to support what you just read, check it out below.