WATCH: Bayley Defends Attitude Change, “Life Sucks and Then You Die!”

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SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley defended her recent change in attitude tonight and dropped a vintage line from a Mr. McMahon promo in the process.

Bayley was a guest on Miz TV during Friday Night SmackDown this week on FOX and her walk to the ring was underscored by a new entrance theme.

Miz began the segment asking Bayley why she snapped last week and the new champ teased answering before saying, “I don’t owe you or anyone an explanation.”

After the talk show host continued prodding though, Bayley finally said she didn’t slash “those stupid Bayley buddies” to become relevant. She then explained that she did it because they represented her entire career of giving to the fans, but all the fans did was take.

“I used to try to be what they wanted me to be,” she said sitting alongside Sasha Banks. “But the truth is, I have outgrown them. So do you guys want some inspiration? Life sucks and then you die!”

Watch a portion of the segment below.