Dave Bautista Says He Hasn’t Been Invited to SmackDown’s Upcoming 1000th Episode

Dave Bautista might be one of the most successful wrestlers turned actors in the history of the business, but apparently that doesn’t get you an invite to Smackdown‘s 1000th episode.

“The Animal” took to Twitter Wednesday to say he hasn’t been asked to appear at the show despite it being in his hometown of Washington, D.C. Bautista tweeted it in response to fan asking him about the landmark episode.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star has been pretty outspoken about missed opportunities to return to WWE — including phone calls that haven’t been returned.

Bautista has said he’s willing to come back to the company for the right situation.

You may remember he was heavily featured on Smackdown in the mid-2000s carrying the title on-and-off for a number of years.

SmackDown 1000 takes place on October 23.